Welcome to TTV Shot

Shot is a cozy and sporty table tennis club with a rich past and present. Shot has been the table tennis club of Wageningen for almost 60 years, where top players such as Trinko and Gerdie Keen have started their table tennis career. 
Because of its own atmosphere and good facilities, Shot also attracts people from the wider area, from Bennekom, Ede, Renkum, Heelsum to Rhenen and Randwijk.
Young or old, with or without restriction, everyone is welcome at Shot.

Floor polisher in action

Look at the menu on which times you can go to us, try four times or see immediately how you can become a member.

Shot owns its own facilities. That has its advantages, but it also involves extra responsibility. By taking place on the board or in one of the committees, or by helping out in one of the activities, many Shotters contribute to the ins and outs of the club. And this is not only useful, it is also very cozy and contributes to a great extent to the good atmosphere.