Membership fee

Category playerMonthly Fee
Senior* (no competition)€ 18,50
Senior*, competition player€ 20,50
Youth (no competition)€ 16,50
Youth, competition player€ 18,50

*In the Netherlands, when it comes to sports, everyone that’s not a youth player, so from 18th birthday, is called a senior player.


  • As of October 1, 2022, the contribution has been increased by € 1.50 per month. This is due to rising energy prices. The General Members’ Meeting decided to do so on October 4, 2022. Of that €1.50 increase, €0.50 is temporary. That is to say, if the energy prices drop or because of other regulations (eg energy subsidies) it is no longer necessary, the contribution will be reduced again by € 0.50.
  • The monthly membership fee will be collected on a recurrent basis from your bank account by direct debit.
  • Sometimes there are events like a special training for which you have to pay a small extra fee.