Gelderland Valley Tournament

In 2012 a historic tournament, the Gelderse Valley Tournament, was revived by the Gelderse Valley associations (BIT from Ede, Kracht en Vriendschap from Renkum, Rhenus from Rhenen, TTV Shot from Wageningen, SKF from Veenendaal and De Stuiterd from Wageningen).

Gelders Valleitoernooi 2019 competitiespelers

In this tournament, recreationists, youth members and senior players playing competitions decide which association can call itself the “Best Table Tennis Club” of the Gelderse Valley for a year! In one week, each named group plays a tournament (on a different day) in different strength classes. The club that on average has the most profit points during these days, is the winner of the Gelderland Valley Tournament and wins the Great Valley Cup.