On the photo above from left to right: Johan Frederiks, Erik Simons, Jan Ploeg, Roland Mumm and Ric de Vos.

Positions and email addresses

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The board of TTV Shot consists at least of a chairman, secretary and treasurer. Board members are appointed by the GA (General Assembly).
Board members can allocate the positions among themselves. Only the chairman is appointed as such by the GMM.


The duties of the board include preparation and implementation of policies, care of internal and external contacts, management of finances, membership administration and care of the entire internal organization. Because of the latter, the board strives to have all committees represented on the board. This can be done through a board member with specific duties or, as in our case, because some board members take on multiple duties.
The treasurer also takes care of the membership administration. The board is authorized to set up or dissolve committees, except for the Audit Committee appointed by the GA. The Audit Committee is only accountable to the GA.