Become a sponsor

Shot is a financially sound association with sufficient income to support our basic structure. But Shot wants more.
In addition to the basic activities such as the weekly training sessions for youth and seniors, playing evenings and afternoon for recreational users, Shot organizes activities that give the club some extras. Examples are the annually recurring activities such as the New Year’s Eve double tournament, the schafeltennis tournament and the Gelders Valley tournament. There are also inone-off activities such as international matches or the tournament for Chinese students in the Netherlands.

What does Shot have to offer?

Sponsors and advertisers are needed to pay for these things. But of course nothing for nothing. In exchange for the sponsorship, Shot offers sponsors publicity, hospitality and the opportunity to actively promote your company among members and guests at Shot. This can be done via:

  • a banner on the website and an advertisement in our newsletter
  • a wall plate (large or small) in the playing area
  • sponsoring of one-off activities like a the children’s table tennis party or the lustrum of the club
  • sponsorship in kind
  • or a combination of these options.

Rates and brand recognition:

The various sponsorship options are listed in the document Sponsoring van TTV Shot vanaf 2019 (in Dutch). You can download it here. Or contact one of the persons mentioned below.
Take a look at who is already sponsoring on the Sponsors page.

Want to know more?

Do you have any more questions? Are you interested in sponsoring Shot or do you think you know someone who might be, please contact the sponsoring committee via email or directly via one of the contact persons: Wim van Breenen, tel. 06-51541210 or Frans Lambi, tel. 06-53554882.